Sun. July 1. 2018

One song has recently been consuming my time on YouTube, “Made for You” by Jake Owen. Listening to this song on repeat, it is easy to recognize as a highlight of someone’s love. I fall into the game of comparison, just like many other women. This highlight reel is just that, a highlight reel, and not the every day of one’s life.

As we have disagreements, it is easy for me to wallow in the negatives. In the big picture, I am aware that there are far fewer disagreements in this household than many others. However, it doesn’t mean that it shakes my core any less.

It takes two to have a disagreement. We both have been through our share of relational experiences to bring those views forth. It is this combination of experiences and views that lead to today’s differences, but also today’s similarities. Neither is bad, and both are good.

When I am upset with him, or anyone, I look internally. I cannot control them, that is a fact of life. But we can all work to be grateful through an otherwise negative situation. I sit down and repeat this to myself, “it is only with gratitude that I will be a happier and more fulfilled person.” And then, I make a list of things I am grateful for in that person, either in my head or on paper.

That will change your thought process like you wouldn’t believe.

I look for one new takeaway each time I do this because the list of things I am grateful for can easily be repeated. Today it is this, he values closeness in a way I don’t but so readily need in order to be my highest self.

Gratitude is a choice, a choice that will have more powerfully positive implications for years to come.

The opposite of gratitude is hate and resentment.